WE ARE ALL PACKED UP!  Yes, it's true!  Yes, we are!  :D  It has been an amaaaaazing summer here in SoCal and we are off to finish what we started up north!  Spirit Dancer PhD - here I come!  LOL.  That's not exactly what my degree will be called, but I'm still excited!  Please consider joining our satellite going away party - and don't forget to include your address!  Oregon Here We Come!  LOTS OF LOVE!  xoxoxo the dancer and the doggie :) 

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Call Me Anorexic: An Important Piece of Art...

Greetings Loves!  Tehani here.  It has been a LONG time since I've added to this news feed here on the website and I deeply apologize.  I've been so busy working out in the world that I haven't had much time to work here at the office!  Hehe.  I am in the throes of wedding season and so that is always a good prep for the supercharged summer ahead.  Before I share the amazing happenings currently in full swing and those coming up over the summer, I wanted to share my latest newsletter here on the website because I feel it is that important.  It may be a good practice to share newsletters on this page sporadically so visitors to my site who aren't subscribed can see what it is that we do here at DT Entertainment, Spirit Dancer Wellness and Tehani just doing her thing hehe ;)  Here is my latest post about an event this weekend that I hope you all consider attending if you are local (OC/LA counties).  Have a beautiful day full of wonder, and I'll be posting another update here with our arts and wellness happenings very soon :) 

BIG LOVE!  <3 T. 

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And the Beat Goes On...

Tehani's Restoration Drum & Movement Social Emotional Arts Program for the Veteran Community at the Michelle Obama Library was a hit!  Special thanks to Librarian Shiloh Moore at the Michelle Obama Library, the City of Long Beach, the Arts Council for Long Beach, Veterans in the Arts, assistant facilitator Cadie and team DT for making this happen!  Dancing Tehani (Jennifer Tehani Sarreal) has been made a partner for Veterans in the Arts with the Arts Council for Long Beach to serve the veteran community through the performance arts, social emotional arts, community building and empowering programming.  We are very excited here at DT!  Great job team!  For this and other wellness programs, visit our wellness page here or join our mailing list on the contact page to get involved.  More good to come...


Sacred Dance in 2018!

YES!  That's right, LOTS brewing for 2018 and a BIG part of my new work rolling out for 2018 is in Comparative Sacred World Dance and the Spirit Dance Method TM!  Woohoo!!!  Stay tuned for more - much much more transcenDANCE!  More soon.  Happy holidays and see you on the dance floor!  xoxoxo T.